Network Matrix API

A modified version of Matrix API

This is a TCP/IP Network API for Matrix dongle. It offers a set of API nearly idential to Matrix API that application programs can use to acess Matix dongle connected to a remote computer for license management.

Network API - partial list

Initialization rInit_MatrixAPI()
Release rRelease_MatrixAPI()
Read Data rDongle_ReadData(usercode,data,count,DngNr,Port)
Encryption rDongle_Encrypt(usercode,datablock,DngNr,Port)

This API prefixes Matrix API with "r" ( for remote ). The arguments to API functions remain the same. If you have a program that calls Matrix API, it can use a remote Matrix dongle by renaming Matrix API in the source code and re-builting it with this API library. The network API handles all the network tasks communicating with MxNet2 on a remote computer.

A program must call the initialization API, rInit_MatrixAPI. This call initiates a session with MxNet2 server. Once a session is established, it can call other APIs, like rDongle_ReadData. To close a session, call rRelease_MatrixAPI.

APIs that modify Matrix dongle ( like rDongle_WriteData, rDongle_WriteKey ) exist but they always return an error code ( write operation not supported error ).

By default, the API is in the remote mode and accesses a remote dongle. The API can be set to the local mode where the network API is internally mapped to Matrix API to operate on the locally connected Matrix dongle.